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Useful Information

 Car Insurance
  • Think carefully before going to either a direct telephone insurance company or another so called cheap or inexperienced non-specialist insurance agency. What may be cheap in the short term, may cost you dearly in the long term.
  • Car accident levels in Spain are the highest in Europe.
  • More than 12% of the vehicles in the roads of Spain are uninsured.
  • The chances of having an accident in this area of Spain where the other party is someone that you are unable to communicate with because of language difficulties is 90%.
  • Arriving at a "friendly" agreement with the other party involved in an accident whereby the accident form completed is fully agreed by all parties ids less than 10%.
  • The possibility of a disputed claim being settled satisfactorily on the telephone is very small.
With these points in mind, we believe that we are very well placed to provide you not only with first class cover but to be there when you might need us.
 House Insurance
  • Although many banks will try to make you believe otherwise, there is no obligation to insure your property with the bank that arranges your mortgage.
  • Banks and direct telephone line insurers only offer you a telephone number whilst you almost certainly will require personal assistance to resolve your claim.
  • Here in Spain it is prudent to place the matters relating to the expensive investment that you have made by purchasing a property in the hands of experienced professionals and this is particularly true where you may have only a limited knowledge of the language.
In the past twenty-five years, we have needed to "rescue" several hundred disappointed ex-patriates due to these negative effects. Whilst it may work in your country of origin because you understand the system, it does not necessarily work here in Spain as you will probably already be aware. It is therefore extremely important that you use professionals who are experienced in dealing with these matters. In the insurance field, we believe that we have that ability.